Today’s employers face annual increases in healthcare costs and premiums, while they also struggle to get a handle on ever-changing rules and regulations. In the face of these challenges, DPW Benefits acts as your insurance advocate, leading the way and introducing innovative strategies to help you increase the quality of your insurance programs, while lowering costs and increasing efficiencies.

Our strategies are designed to leverage our experience, resources and our client’s strengths to provide real savings and to all parties- the employer, employee and their families.

As a partner of United Benefit Advisors, we have access to vast actuarial, underwriting, benefit modeling and claim predictability tools.  We can help you increase the effectiveness of your insurance programs by making educated, data-driven decisions.  UBA’s Health Plan Survey, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive survey of employee health plans, will help compare all aspects of your benefits against your competitors:

  • Health plan funding and design
  • Contribution
  • Premiums and co-pays
  • Prescription drug benefits

National surveys consistently show that a healthy employee population is a productive one, making Employer Wellness Programs a great investment in your employees and a smart strategy for increasing your bottom line.

DPW Benefits can customize a wellness campaign that provides the services, information, technology, vendor partners, as well as an incentive program that distills wellness and motivates your employees year round.

  • Help employees take accountability for their health and benefits
  • Improve patient care and outcomes
  • Reduce health risk with biometic screening, education and preventative measures
  • Onsite or virtual physical fitness & nutritional classes
  • Smoking cessation and more
  • Improve morale and loyalty
  • Attract and retain employees
  • Track & report program results

Benefits Passport®, the UBA private exchange, is offered exclusively through UBA member firms.  It is a creative benefit option designed to reduce administration and compliance, and virtually get employers out of the healthcare business, all while providing employees and their families a self-service platform to enroll in a benefit plan that is customized just for them.

Employers have the ability to define a level contribution, with multiple plans and price points to select.  Employer and employee both save on premiums and taxes, while retaining health benefits that are just as good (or better) as a traditional group plan.

Benefits have always been one of an employer’s best tool for attracting and retaining employees. However, the rising cost of traditional benefits has made it difficult for employers to continue to offer or fully cover the cost of them.  One way to offset this financial burden on employees is through Voluntary Benefits.

Voluntary Benefits are sometimes referred to as ancillary or worksite benefits. They are additional insurance products, plans or programs which an employee can purchase through their employer, through pre-taxed payroll deductions, and at a discounted group rate, to supplement their employer-paid benefits.

We can help your employees get the additional voluntary employee benefits coverage they want or need—at no cost to your company.

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental and Vision Plans
  • Long-Term Care
  • Cancer
  • Heart/Stroke
  • Critical Illness

We provide our clients complimentary access to ThinkHR,the industry’s most trusted compliance and HR solution. ThinkHR provides a valuable service to our clients in clarifying the legal and financial risks associated with HR and employee benefits. They help clients achieve results by increasing HR efficiencies and streamlining HR functions.

ThinkHR includes:

  • Live Team – Answers to your questions 11 hours a day, often the same day, with Certified HR experts.
  • Comply – Comprehensive resource center, including forms, checklists and tools, Employee Handbook Builder.
  • Learn Pro – 200+ online courses – Unlimited use, money-saving way to add training for HR staff.
  • Mobile app – Access your ThinkHR resources from anywhere.