Our professional human resource consultants are seasoned individuals who provide top notch employee education and communication, expert HR training and support, and the most innovative technical resources available so you can focus on the bigger picture – the growth and overall success of your organization.

It’s a fact. Creating health-conscious employees helps our client’s succeed.  An employee who knows how to use his/her benefits to better their health and cut costs has quality of life and financial security, and is consequently more likely to be a loyal productive worker. 

Thorough plan implementation and employee participation go hand-in-hand to assure the success of your benefit programs.  We provide an excellent strategy for engaging your employees and implementing your plan.

  • Develop plan summaries, definitions and helpful tips
  • Conduct enrollment meetings with Q&A
  • Promote healthcare consumerism
  • Track results and provide ongoing assistance with regular meetings and activities designed to engage your employees in healthy living

Open and effective communication that goes beyond the initial enrollment and renewal is another key service we provide to assure the success of your benefit programs.  We are dedicated to you and your employees throughout the year, acting as your advocate and benefit advisor.

  • Benefit statements
  • Employee handbooks
  • Educational and informative memos, payroll stuffers, and newsletters geared to educate employees on their benefits and wellness programs.
  • Conduct employee meetings and seminars designed to educate and create health-conscious employees, resulting in reduced claims and higher productivity.
  • Available via phone or in person to answer questions
  • And more…

We are dedicated to the continued success of your benefit programs.  We provide timely administration services and resources that the streamline the tedious and sometimes frustrating tasks associated with managing your employees and their benefits.

  • Process Enrollment Activity (additions, deletions, changes, terminations, etc.)
  • Handle difficult claims, networks, benefits & pharmacy issues
  • Provide assistance with carriers and billing
  • Proactive, effective renewal process
  • Provide legislative briefs and updates
  • Educational articles and newsletters to advise on market trends
  • And more…

From enrollment to the day-to-day administration and compliance of your benefit programs, we offer valuable online tools and resources to help you manage your employees and benefit programs.